Sunday, September 9, 2012


Most people in Australia would like to kick Winter right where it hurts (figuratively speaking, duh), but I on the other hand would reach out and embrace winter with a warm hug (if it were possible) and thank it for been so accommodating to my personal style.  I am fair skinned and it's for that reason I enjoy lots of layering and covering up. I find outfit options endless in Winter and really I just go to town when it comes to getting dressed during the unfairly dismissed season. I'm a MASSIVE fan of the pant/jean, which only becomes more and more difficult to wear as humidity levels rise and that bloody heat lingers all day and night. No one likes feeling sweaty.... NO ONE.

One of these days I am going to pack up and move my ass to Melbourne... or Alaska. In the mean time though, here is my tribute to winter and what will be most likely be, the most amount of clothing you will see me wearing in the next coming months. 

Some one pass me that sunscreen. 

Fur Coat: Vintage (Similar here)
T-shirt: Killer Condo for etsy
Glasses: Sportsgirl 'Mistress' (Similar here)
Jeans: Zara (Similar here)

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Fabliha said...

Gorgeous outfit lovely! Looking stunning as always


Alessandra said...

Great look!!!

Gabriele said...

Hahaha, I, on the other hand would love to move to australia where its hot, I hate it in london.. always so cold and rainy... I prefer summer clothes, unlike you!
Anyways, love that coat, you look so gorgeous! Beautiful pics!

Florencece said...

you look like a star!

liana said...

Very glam...good idea to wear the fur now before it warms up too much!

Abbie said...

That coat has serious wow factor! Stunning! xx

Hannah said...

Wow these photographs are absolutely stunning I adore how you've edited them... you look so spectacular!

Katrina said...

love the outfit, the fur looks incredible!

jessica konstantinos said...

love this outfit chloe!


sammi burley (chase.dakota) said...

i really want one of those t's!!

Sharon said...

What a perfect outfit to finally farewell winter!! I am just so excited for spring... Definitely going to kick winter where it hurts ;)

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