Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Wanderlust X Samantha Wills.

Wan-der-lust; An impulse, desire, or urge to travel or wander.

If you follow my on Twitter / Instagram you know that recently I have spent time in Sydney. During my excursion I stopped by the ah-mazing Samantha Wills HQ for what was an inspiring and worthwhile check point.  After I was lead into what was possibly the most fragrant room I have ever stood in (other then a floristry) I was introduced to the new SW. Wanderlust collection. Inspired by living in the moment and not falling asleep in the taxi as newly travelled cities whizz by the window, inspired by late night dinners, spontaneous outings and the never ending desire to travel and explore new territories and make new friends. A perfect juxtaposition of materials, this collection fulfils all the necessary accessory requirements as well as providing the perfect pieces for experimenting and changing things up! There are no rules, no colour co-ordination and no 'Do's & don'ts'... you are free to wear SW. however your want with no limitations, making each of these pieces extremely desirable.

For the rest of the collection and to shop online click here.

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Style Hostess said...

this is too good. you take such lovely details of jewels Chloe. and nice filters with each of them. this feels quite romantic actually.


Style Hostess

Alessandra said...

Number 3!!!
I love it!!

Ellie said...

Wow this is incredibly gorgeous. LOVE every piece, especially the second to last photo. Incredible..

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

steph said...

really love these photographs! they look amazing!

Laura (White Winters) said...

Beautiful photos and the jewellery is amazing!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous set up for a shop.

sonia de macedo said...

Wow sooo much awesomness where does one even begin! Absolutely adoring the body armour piece! Your photos are breathtaking!

Have a great day,

Flight of Fancy Girl said...

I love your photos here. The detail shots are just so perfect.