Thursday, August 23, 2012


Colour's can be so much fun sometimes, can't they!? I wouldn't call it an obsession (because I still love my black on white, black on black combo's) but I am really getting into the swing of things with this fun summertime trend. They key to wearing colour is keeping it simple! Can you believe these tropical colour ankle jeans are SUPRÉ? Neither could I when they first came my way, as they are so soft and comfortable and for a girl who struggles to find the perfect pant ... these provided me with some what of a solution. I love that the polka dots in my adorable linen ZARA t-shirt match the pants as well and the neutral base works so much better then a black or white. Finally, I'm so in love with my 8 Other Reasons rose gold accessories at the moment! I have received so many compliments on how 'interesting' my Only Half Truth necklace is.  Watch this space for my 8 Other Reasons - Give Away next week! So Exciting! 

Pants: Colour ankle Jean SUPRÉ in Cherry Pop
Top: Zara Basics
Jacket: Vintage
Ring & Necklace: 8 Other Reasons available here & here
Shoes: ZU (old)
Mistress Glasses by Sportsgirl available here

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marama said...

Great look! Love your ring =)

HeyDahye said...

Love your jeans!! The color is so fun, and brings out your dotted top!

eliza said...

Love this outfit! I want your jacket and shoes.


chloe-kiara. said...

love this look! and especially love that jacket.. been trying to hunt down the perfect one for awhile!

Pip said...

I love love love the jewelry and the color of your jeans is so nice with the jewelry! Great look dear! xx Pip

Angela said...

Love how casual & cool this outfit is, yet still ever styling.

Style Hostess said...

such a lovely and cool look Chloe =)
I like the denim blue x rosy red colour combination and your ring.


Style Hostess

Anonymous said...

Dude! Good to see another blogger going ol supre a chance! They have such potential don't they? Some of their pieces are actually quite amazing if styled properly! I honestly think if they re-directed their marketing, supre would really be able to pull its socks up.
I just love buying a few pieces from them and styling them up and ten shocking my friends with where it came from! The looks on their faces I tell you!
Doesn't matter where its from, what matters is how you wear it.
You go fellow Aussie!

India said...

Love your sunnies!

Laura (White Winters) said...

Cute pants, I can't believe they are from Supre. I really want to get a pair of green pants for spring.