Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nordic Light x Georg Jensen. Part 3

It takes a lot guts as a fashion blogger to stand in front of a camera in strange places posing and taking pictures when you are well aware that you are by no means any sort of model. I've always wanted to share what goes on behind the scenes and show my readers that there is just so much more to it! I was so anxious about sharing this as there is no post image editing or photoshoping (at all!), but I hope you get a better idea within the short 50 second time frame of what really goes into putting together an outfit post, as well as some of the amazing friends I have to help me do it. 

This is my first ever Vlog post showing behind the scenes of my Georg Jensen collaboration. All thanks to, Danny! 

All pieces are from the 'Fusion' Collection, available here

Concept & Styling: Chloe Cumming
Direction & Words: Bianca Blades
Photography: Hannah McCawley
Film: Danny Camara

Suboo x Miami Fashion Week.

Recently I shared my images from the Suboo Resort collection shown at MBFW earlier this year, which was by far one of my favourite shows. This week, Suboo have crossed the ocean to debut their S/S 2013 collection at Miami Fashion week, with great results so I hear! Congratulations!

Images from the show can be seen here

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comfort. Nico Underwear

Itchy bits, stabbing wires, straps and clips that sit in all the wrong places. All the qualities that make up cheap, mass produced underwear that I absolutely can't stand. Until recently, I have three favourite bras that I have on rotation based on their style, comfort and practicality. However, there is NOTHING attractive about them. Recently I made my way down to a local festival where I discovered NICO UNDERWEAR

In their own words:
" We minimise our impact on the environment and make all of our garments in Australia under ethical conditions. Our materials are sustainably sourced and Nico Underwear is made to last. "

Organic, style and comfortability? I'm sold. My pick is the bamboo jersey set available here and here ON SALE!

Nordic Light X Georg Jensen. Part 2.

All pieces are from the 'Fusion' Collection, available here

Concept & Styling: Chloe Cumming
Direction & Words: Bianca Blades
Photography: Hannah McCawley
Film: Danny Camara

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nordic Light X Georg Jensen. Part 1.

Diamonds cannot burn to ash. Under duress of fire and flames, a diamond disappears into thin air. In the woods at dusk, they say that humans can be lost in the same way. The tallest trees bear the only witness, having watched the old world and the new pass by. She is running soundlessly beneath the tree tops, never leaving as much as a shadow in her wake. The dying rays of sunlight gleam in her finery: yellow, red and white gold. She smiles at the thought of diamonds growing for a millenia, as she vanishes between the trees.

Social Emissions, for Georg Jensen

All pieces are from the 'Fusion' Collection, available here.

Concept & Styling: Chloe Cumming
Direction & Words: Bianca Blades
Photography: Hannah McCawley
Film: Danny Camara

Rachel Pfeffer X Molten Store.

A beautiful video from our favourites at MOLTEN STORE put together by the most amazing creative team. Honestly, we couldn't have expected anything short of amazing, this feature post celebrates the collaboration of Rachel Pfeffer X Molten Store. This is the second drop of their eclectic rings, all of which are available online now. 

Art Direction; Jessy Cameron

Photography; Elisabeth Willis
Film and edit; Chris Proud
Styling; Sarah Marion Birchley
Styling Assistant; Samantha Kolb
Makeup; Katie McIntosh
Model; Charlotte Collins
Photography: Libby Willis

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Do A 360 For Me Baby. SUBOO .

I have personally flicked through hundreds of photos in order to pick some of my favourite images from the Suboo Resort show earlier this year at MBFWA (sorry it took so long!) to share with you. This was such a beautiful collection combining a world of digital print fantasies, sports luxe, neon pops and soft sorbets, sugar coated with a slick pony tails and light summer coloured sandals. Presented in the most spectacular location, the 360 degree Summit Restaurant blew my mind with its jaw dropping views of the harbour and the city, beautifully framed by a collection of wild and exotic flowers running all along the banisters.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mixed Media. Dossier Journals

When I think about art and fashion, this is literally what comes to mind. It's like these geniuses have seen my dreams and literally taken my thoughts and put them to action. Mixed media is my favourite art form and I always have the best intentions of getting around to creating some of my own master pieces. Maybe if there was 8 days in a week instead of 7 ? Or possibly 3 day weekends and only 4 work days ? This may be eventually be possible. Until then, I'll just sit back and admire these instead.

Lensed by Daniel Thomas Smith with artwork by Rosanna Webster

Courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

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