Monday, May 7, 2012

Wild Thing.

No doubt about who the little star of this outfit post is. Meet Cookie! She is my naughty little puppy who insisted on coming along with me and being in the photo. If you follow me on facebook, you would have seen my sneak peek photo for this post. I had to kick her out of the studio a couple of times. LOVING my Rumor Boots in ra ra ra red suede from RMK Shoes. It's flared heel offers that extra bit of comfort and are perfect for a long day at work. I can stand in these babies all day, and that's very important for me when picking new shoes. Practicality!!!

Finishing my RMK Shoe challenge with a rocker chic vibe, in my favourite leopard print dress and vintage leather jacket. Who's look is wilder? Mine or Cookies?

Shoes: RMK Rumor Boots / Dress: Lisa Ho / Jacket: Vintage / Bag: Alexander McQueen / Earrings: Collete

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Photo's by Robyn Frazer


Kelly Malka said...

what a cute pup and shoes! xo

Antonia said...

OMG, your look is so fabulous!


Bianca said...

COOKIE IS THE CUTEST~~~!!!! and you are quite alright too

Fabliha said...

you are such a gorgeous creature!! and cookie is so adorable

Anonymous said...

Your pup is such a sweetie, these photos are great..!

On another note, I love those boots. I just bought a very similar pair in black, they're just divine!


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

his adorable best prop ever!
You look amazing too Chloe & love, love the editing and attention to detail here! xxx


amazing boots, they are killer! Really like your blog header and style! now following xx

francesca said...

love the presentation of these shots!