Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reflections. MBFWA Outfit Post

You know I would happily live in Sydney, purely on the basis that there are so many fantastic spots to take photo's. Honestly, the bloggers there have no excuse for not executing perfect outfit posts. I guess that's WHY so many of the bloggers there do so well. 

I have been having so much fun with these amazing Cue earrings. The add the perfect pop of colour to an outfit and the really remind me of the Dannijo stuff (which is way beyond my budget when it comes to accessories). It was rather fun wearing my Sass & Bide "the righteous one" pants around the passenger terminal during MBFWA... mostly because the sequins kept shooting off reflections into peoples faces, it was rather amusing actually. Especially when riding on the bus, early in the morning. 

Top & Pants: Sass & Bide / Earrings: Cue / Bag: Alexander McQueen / Shoes: Diavolina by Zomp Shoes

Photo's by Kaity

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Running Through Thorns.

Presenting fine jewellery collection from fellow blogger friend Sammi Burley from Chase Dakota. Loving perfectly curated stones and on trend rose gold pieces. I am actually struggling to pick which piece I want the most. If you have made up your mind though on which one you will be snagging for your self, Sammi  has kindly offered 10% off for all Social Emission followers. Just enter "SOCIALEMISSIONS" at the checkout. 

Collection is available for sale here

PHOTOGRAPHER: Bianca Blades/Jess Konstantinos/Mathew Dodd
STYLIST: Mo Koya/ Bianca Blades

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Comfort. MBFWA Day 2.

After literally standing for almost 12 hours in heels on Day 1at MBFWA, my feet felt like they were literally telling me that If I was going to keep this "fashionable footwear" business up for next 4 days, I was going to have to opt for comfort for at least one of those days. I guess I was just lucky that high tops are all the rage at the moment, and not for minute did I feel under dressed or uncomfortable with my choice. It has been two weeks since my return from MBFWA and my feet still feel awkward in anything over an inch high. They are literally traumatised.

Leather Dress: Target / Jacket : Aje. / Bag: Alexander McQueen / Earrings: Mimco (old) /  Delicate Ring: Pandora

Photo's by Kaity

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Panic. MBFWA Day 1

SO, first day of MBFWA did not run quiet as smoothly as I planned.

1. My hair consists of a braid that was 3 days old. I stupidly thought I would have enough time to wash my hair at 4am in the morning before catching my flight. I nearly snorted when someone asked me if they could take a picture of my, I quote "awesome hair".

2. Flight was delayed. If you follow on my on twitter, you would have know I was actually frantic to get to Sydney on time for my first show... Gail Sorronda. 

3. Had 45 minutes to get from the airport, to where I was staying and dump my bags. Made the cab driver wait for us as we frantically changed into fashion week appropriate footwear and grab camera essentials.

4. Discovered what "the box" was/meant and was bitterly disappointed. If you were there during the week, you know what I am talking about.

Check out my incredibly cute Karen Walker - Mini Skull Studs from Beginning Boutique.

Fashion week essentials at their very best. 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Decadence. Georg Jensen & Vogue MBFWA 2012.

Whilst you all might think that fashion week, equates to glamorous parties & soirees, whilst sipping on Moët and privately viewing stunning collections in the midst of some of Australia's most influential personal. You are wrong... MBFWA was nothing but long days of standing in lines, waiting, and washing down pain killers to numb the aching pain in the balls of your feet. HOWEVER, there was one particular occasion during the week, where all my fashion week dreams (expectations, really) came true. 

I was cordially invited to attend a beautiful evening in the Georg Jensen store, whilst in Sydney. It was here that I had the pleasure of mingling quietly with other bloggers, chatting away with staff members whilst casually trying on stunning pieces (far beyond anything I can currently afford) and indeed sipping on Moët Chandon. The event was held in celebration of Georg Jensen's Fusion Line which you can view here. We also had the opportunity to preview in person the cross-stitched artworks by Inge Jacobson, which were recently featured in Vogue. 

Thank you Georg Jensen, I rather enjoyed my one evening of feeling just a little bit glamorous. 

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Wild Thing.

No doubt about who the little star of this outfit post is. Meet Cookie! She is my naughty little puppy who insisted on coming along with me and being in the photo. If you follow me on facebook, you would have seen my sneak peek photo for this post. I had to kick her out of the studio a couple of times. LOVING my Rumor Boots in ra ra ra red suede from RMK Shoes. It's flared heel offers that extra bit of comfort and are perfect for a long day at work. I can stand in these babies all day, and that's very important for me when picking new shoes. Practicality!!!

Finishing my RMK Shoe challenge with a rocker chic vibe, in my favourite leopard print dress and vintage leather jacket. Who's look is wilder? Mine or Cookies?

Shoes: RMK Rumor Boots / Dress: Lisa Ho / Jacket: Vintage / Bag: Alexander McQueen / Earrings: Collete

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Photo's by Robyn Frazer

Thursday, May 3, 2012

That 1920's Girl.

Little black dresses, fedora's and feather boa's ... all essential 1920's girl attire. How else could I have possibly chosen to style my black patent Bentley Heels by RMK Shoes ? These multi textured babies are  right on trend as well, with their beautifully pointed toe and delicate little ankle strap. I always find that this style of shoes is so flattering on the leg. I had so much fun styling this look, I honestly think I was born in the wrong era. I love a sleek red lip and sexy black dress, as it always make me feel like a movie star... and in this case... a 1920's movie star.


Dress, Hat: Sportsgirl / Shoes: Bentley Heel By RMK / Dress: Unknown

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Photo's by Robyn Frazer

One, Two. MBFWA

These are literally just snippets of what has been the biggest week of the year so far for me. I have no doubt that most of my readers have already seen photo's floating around from most of the collections on the blogsphere and go-to fashion resource websites but I just wan't to highlight some of my favourite moments from ONLY the first two days of MBFWA. My feet, back and shoulders are struggling, but I will endeavour to continue posting over the next week. Stay tuned for outfit posts, street style snaps, event coverage as well as a sneaky Vogue soiree that I have the privilege of attending. 

P.s You might recognise some of the front rowers from Miss Unkon ... 

1.2.3 Gail Sorronda
4. Camilla
5.6 Miss Unkon
7.8.9 Flowers for a Vagabond
10.11.12 Toi et moi

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