Monday, April 23, 2012

Threadbare.Co. COMPETITION.

Collars... they are delicate pretty little things aren't they? Their limits are almost endless as well in terms of style and design. Take this one for example.. I literally walked past an op shop and purchased the brightest shirt I could see from the window and used the body of the shirt to create the tiny little flowers, attaching them by using little paper studs that you use on fancy invites etc. Best $4 I've ever spent. 

For those of you who are after something a little bit more "spectacular"  such as the Ellery collar pictured below. You are in luck! have set a creative challenge that you can all enter, with a chance to win this amazing piece. 

All you have to do is:

1. Comment on this blog post to confirm your entry.
3. Use the Ellery collar template to style your own outfit, and post the image to the Facebook wall.

How to win the ELLERY Collar:

1. Tell your friends to like on Facebook (This will confirm a valid vote).
2. Tell your friends to like your entry on the Facebook wall

I think there might be some samples on the page already for you to see, but you can make it out of paper if you want! Show everyone how creative you are and be sure to tweet me you picture if you do enter.

Good luck!

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Photo's by Sarah Cumming


Tara said...

These are such gorgeous collars!

fashioncookie said...

in love with yellow!

oliveira said...

really beautiful collar! love the color and flowers :)

AD + SH said...

your collar is so cute, love it!

eliza said...

Your collar is gorgeous. Love the little flowers, definitely a well-spent $4!


Buzz said...

Love those collars!


Ilka von Torok said...

Love this post:)
xx Ilka

Stace said...

I love collars. I love Ellery. Omg.
Such a good comp! Defs will need to enter.

x Stace

Anonymous said...

These collars are amazing! they really help an outfit look so much better