Sunday, March 11, 2012


A little different from the usual posts, but I honestly enjoy mens fashion just as much as womens.

Last week I had the pleasure of been invited by the felix & slink group to cover the 5th birthday celebration and store re-launch of The Cloakroom  with the Brisbane Red's team and other various VIP customers. It's a rarity (in Brisbane), to stand in room with so many men who will happily compare with one another the material of their suits, the branding of their pants or where they purchase their latest pair of loafers from (scroll below and check out Paul Hunt's Divine Lanvin, dove grey loafers), but none the less a realisation that there is an existing society of dapper men who take pride in their appearance and understand the importance of dressing well, without been uncomfortable about their sexuality.Without a doubt I was educated on the whole process of men's tailoring and it was an interesting evening of conversations to say the very least.

The staff their have exceptional customer service and they can spot one of their own designs from a mile away. It's assured that not even a loose button will go un-noticed and repaired, which is all part of their ongoing service that comes with the purchase of one of their fine suits. Ladies, if you have a gentleman in your life that appreciates the finer things, make sure he is fully aware of The Cloakroom and what he is missing out on. These suits are an investment, and a life long friend to those who intend on climbing the corporate ladder and making a fashionable impression at the same time. 


lucia m said...

wow! amazing pictures!

Sabrina said...

beautiful post!!!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for these pics! I love men's fashion too. I adore browsing lookbook and asos for men's outfit posts. Very dapper!

xx Rebecca

Tara said...

Stylish are pretty cool :) Great photos!

sonia de macedo said...

Seriously great post! Love these photographs!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment :o)

Balllet Pumps And Roses said...

Great images - thanks for sharing.

Men need some fashion action too :)


helene said...

I love guys clothes as well! I really want a boyfriend just so i can take him shopping so i have an excuse to go to mens clothing stores haha

great blog x

Ber. said...

very nice pics (love menswear too!)

Stephanie / FAIIINT said...

I love mens fashion, about a quarter of my wardrobe is actually mens clothing! Your right though, a beautifully tailored suit is an investment & so many guys these days just don't seem to get it, the world really could do with more of those dapper men you mentioned!

Steph C. said...

wow! lovely photos hun!!!
thank you for sharing!
im lovin ur blog and followiinngg!
if u like mine feel free to follow back


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