Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Place.

I've never been a "go out get loose" kind of girl. So over crowded places and excessively drunk people mixed with hot sweaty dance moves and over priced drinks never really goes down as a good night for me. Don't get me wrong, I love going out and I declare any weekend sitting at home doing nothing and not out and about, to be a boring one. I just like chilling where I can actually hear what my friends have to say, and I can make it to the bar with out someone party boying me or where they are playing music I can sing along to enthusiastically, instead of just bopping my head too. I was rather excited at the prospect of attending the launch of Brisbane's latest little hub  "Our Place" where the feeling is warming and homely and the idea is to sit around and chill like you would at home with friends and loved ones. The quirky touches make the difference, such as the make shift clothes line strung from the ceiling and the blend of rustic and vintage furniture that reminds of the same lounges you have previously spent time on when visiting your Nana. What really appealed though was the amazing band playing down stairs (may or may not have had a little jig with some friends to an acoustic version of Justin Timberlake) and the endless selection of ciders (lets face it - the latest craze since the widespread of Rekorderlig) and craft beers. These sort of places just make me so happy, and last Thursday nights opening was (safe to say) a great success.

P.S They were also playing Pulp Fiction and Billy Madison.. so awesome.

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