Monday, January 16, 2012

Inside In, Inside Out.

It's with great pleasure that I present to you my first blogger interview. For those of you who haven't already had the pleasure of stumbling upon INSIDE IN INSIDE OUT, then you are about to get all clicky and start adding this one to the old archives and your favourites list as a go-to source for inspiration and perfectly executed fashion and style.

Fabliha is the brains behind the Blog, but with some assistance from her identical twin sister (what a point of difference in the blogging world!) they manager to post some of the amazing outfits on a regular weekly basis. I'm not even going to begin to try and describe their style, because its literally in a league of it's own. Instead, I will share some amazing pictures (that look like that have been taken professionally might I add) with you all.

Did I mention that the girls have also travelled to all ends of the earth. Makes their photos doubly, people!

What inspired you to start blogging, tell me a little bit about it and you as a blogger?

I began blogging without putting much thought into it – simply as a way of sharing personal interest and travel photographs. As my interests shifted over time (more and more towards fashion)‘Inside In, Inside Out’ became more and more a personal style blog.

I am a 19-year-old University student and fashion enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia – we are total fashion outsiders...My blog is a photographic log of outfits worn by my twin sister and I and our day-to-day encounters…

What is number one blog inspiration and why?

Just about anything and everything can inspire my style to some degree. What inspires me is forever changing and so Ican’t quite put my finger on one particular thing– I find myself being inspired by films that I watch, passerbys on the streets, interesting, innovating new collections each season etcetera. 

Who inspires your style and why?

So many different individuals inspire me but no one in particular – there are a plethora of designers, models, bloggers and celebrities whose style I find inspirational.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe at the moment?

My Gail Sorronda theory dress – It is suited to virtually every occasion, season (with the right layering if needed)and doesn’t need to be heavily accessorized. It is definitely my go to dress when I feel like I have nothing to wear.

What is currently a "must have" for you?

Being summer here – I feel I  feel like I need some more beautifully tailored, light and airy summer dresses in paler shades – particularly white. I am particularly loving designs by Arnsdorf and Karla Spetic…

What trend do you find cringe worthy at the moment ?

I think crop tops can be tasteful if worn properly but I really don’t like some of the excessively short crop tops I’ve been seeing around this summer…

Why did you choose the name Inside In, Inside Out ?

“Inside In, Inside Out’ is essentially what I think true fashion is – expressing the internal self to the external world in a subtle way…

What are your plans for the future and for Inside In, Inside Out ?

I would love to be able to post more frequently and also build a larger readership basis.



UnA said...

OMG so fierce, I love it.

NIce shades. Where did you guys get it?


<3 Una

Rhe Beep said...

Great interview! Love her style, It's so bold. I wish I could be that bold in fur!


Rachel McGann said...

It was certainly interesting reading your take on interviewing the two lovely ladies, having only recently asked them some different questions myself.
looking forward to any further interviews that you might do

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE their blog, it's amazing.

Mary said...

I like that both are looking amazing! Shearling jacket is so good!

jimmi lou said...

Great interview, they are gorgeous, such great photo's too!

Mr J said...

Amazing, the are so inspirational. Loving the photos! Things like this make me happy! Great post :)


Totally love those studded bag. OMG there are amazing!!!!!!

Im sure it will go well on almost any outfits :D


sadié bargéron said...

Such a good interview! You have a great look xxx

Rita Dâmaso said...

i like all fo pics . so cute **

kisses from portugal

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I also read inside in, inside out. Their style is beyond what you would normally expect to see around Brisbane. Love your blog by the way x

Mandy said...

OH MOLEY, these twins are just exquisite! Their style has such vivacity! I wish the weather on the Gold Coast was cold enough for fur. ;)

And in regards to your question about Sartre's 'The Age of Reason' - I haven't finished it as I misplaced the book halfway through reading it! Haha, silly me. But from what I have read so far, it's one of the more readable of Sartre's works. :)

Love this post and still going a little crazy over these twins hehe.

Mandy xx

Becky Jean said...

Awesome work, and interesting read! Love their style x

Nicole said...

Their blog is beyond amazing - definitely one of my favourites (:

xx Nicole

Yuka said...

amazing girls! <3

Tamina said...

wow such a great styling <3

SachaStrebe said...

I have followed these twins for some time, always love their style and wish I had their wardrobe! total accessory envy!

eliza said...

I love Inside In, Inside Out. It's amazing.


O D Y S S E Y said...

nice interview, good questions!
i've been following these sisters' blog for a while...always intriguing and beautifully shot.

Jessie said...

Love these girls, their style (and wardrobe) is always so inspiring!

cecylia said...

great interview! I love those girls too. They like the same designers that I do :)