Sunday, January 22, 2012

ANVE Leather.

Dear Mum,

As the fashion conscious woman that I am, I now expect my occasional packed lunches that you put together for me to be placed inside one of these chic ANVE leather bags.
As much as I appreciate you hospitality, I will except nothing less.

I'm going to be the coolest kid in the playground with one of these.  

If you too wish to be the envy if all your work friends, these pretties come in a variety of colours (see here) . Also, as you may of noticed, they are far more versatile then just a common lunch bag.


Corrina said...

They are gorgeous, I love the black one! x

jimmi lou said...

How cool are they, I can just imagine Suri Cruise heading off to school with these!

Mary said...

These really are fantastic! It would just be so much fun fooling everyone into thinking that you were carrying a plain old "paper" bag.

Gabriele said...

hahaha, soo cute, and fashionable. ;)

Laura (White Winters) said...

They are so cute!


Meekay said...

That's super cool! I want one!

Its Mine I Made It said...

OMGGG these are soooo cuteeeee. i waaanttt. this is geniousss. thanks for stoppng by my blog
much love, alex
follow eachother?

The Fashion Estate said...

These are perfect! I want one haha :)

Chloé A. said...

ooh they are soo lovely ! i want one pleeease :D


S + T said...

Ooh T actually made one of these and it is posted on our blog!! Not to be spammy, but I just thought you might like to see :) look under our DIY page if you do.

I've literally just spent the east half hour trawling through your blog cos I just found it!! So good, I love it :)

Xx S