Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Merry Meet Up.

Brisbane kids were at it again. 

Thanks to Sarah and Kate from Beginning Boutique for organising a little Christmas party for us all and showering us with adorable Karen Walker gifts. 

I had a bit of a giggle going over these photo's. When we are all together you wouldn't even know that we were a bunch of fashion bloggers, more like a bunch of silly girls laughing mostly at my expense. I think the girls found some of my Vegas stories very amusing. 

Make sure you all go check out all the cool shit at the Beginning Boutique e-store.

P.s My night was made all the better thanks too Modern Legacy, Opinion Slave, Black Balloon, WeKilledCouture, Sargosso Sea, The Swing and Swirl and Owl Vs. Dove.


Paula. said...

me gustan mucho las fotos ibas guapisima hacia mucho que no me emtia por auqi y eso que te seguia un besito desde

Francesca said...

damn i look like a ghost... LOL was such a funny night. damn tokyo drift gurl!

Rich Girls. said...

nawh, your little blogger christmas party is so cute.
it looks like you ladies had a fun-filled evening. x.

il était une fois... said...

gorgeous girls! how fun!! X

Hanananah said...

The photos look great! What camera was used because the photo quality is really interesting! xx

Stacee said...

Awesome as! Wish I could've gone looks fun :)
Love BB.


t said...

Nice pics!

That Brunette One said...

Looks like a blast!

TheSanctuary said...

Thanks for the awesome comment on my blog. I love your blog as well.

How about if we follow each other?

I'm following already, I hope you follow me back



Bianca said...

We were laughing WITH you! Haha but yes very entertaining - I want to go to Vegas now. Lovely to finally meet in person.

Bianca x

Kiki Janku said...

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Helena said...

Amazing photos!
Looks so much fun :)
Love your outfit!!!


Vanilla - Notes from my closet said...

Looks like SO much fun :)

Love, Vanilla

Ms S said...

You pics are fantastic and so are your eyelashes !!!!!
Cute Blog!

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

Beginning Boutique invited me to this too! But I was unfortunately on holidays, seemed I missed out on fun!