Thursday, November 3, 2011


With my trip to America just around the corner I made the decision to invest in a iPad (still trying to convince boyfriend that it was an investment and not just a waste of money). Since purchasing, I have jumped on the instagram bandwagon and have already gone a little nuts. 

Please follow socialemissions and ill be sure to follow back. 

Just a couple of snaps from last weekend spent with the cutest pooch in the world.

P.s Last assessment piece is handed in Monday, please excuse my M.I.A status. 


couturing said...

Lovely photos (:

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

an ipad will be your best investment! You will be able to blog from anywhere while in America lucky you!

Adele said...

How cute is your doggie!!!!!

Nicole said...

I wish I could get an iPad, but for now I'm sticking with my iPhone ;)

xx Nicole

LUAR said...

Beautiful photos! Ahh I wish I had an iPad, they're so pretty



Zweiteiler said...

I love these photos! This is such a cute dog!


kathleen said...

i loooooove those photos! loving your blog actually :) say hello to your newest follower! x

ANNIE said...

i have to admit your dog is one of the cutest i've ever seen. she/he (?) has a lovely side profile too ;)


Aprilia said...

I love Instagram too!
It makes those everyday shots just a little more fun! :)


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Aprilia Love

Antonia said...

Cool pics, the dog is adorable! :))


Stacee said...

I've been trying to justify buying an iPad but I've already got a macbook pro and an ipod touch so I dunno!
worth it??
aww cute doggy :)


RACHAEL said...

i love my iPad-- it's definitely an investment, in a little while, you'll wonder what on earth you did without it! so handy, and it'll be perfect for travelling :)

i'll look for you on instagram too.. it's so addictive! x

Fashion-Bridge said...

This dog is the most adorable cutie pie I've ever seen! And the pics are truly nice! Lucky you girl! Where exactly are you going in America?

Following your inspiring blog! And I'll be happy to see you among my beautiful followers too;)



PS. the necklace and the bracelet from the next post are absolutely amazing! These pieces are obviously something what make any outfit unique.

Pich and Roor said...

I'm constantly trying to convince my husband that my purchases are "investments" so glad I'm not the only one :) You have a lovely blog & I can't wait to follow it!