Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fashionable Food.

All though my blogging is mostly fashion focused, food is apart of healthy living and healthy living plays a massive role in the fashion world (those Victoria Secret models don't sit around eating junk food all day, that's for sure), therefore I'd like to share with you some delicious dishes that I prepared over the weekend. These images just go to show that glorious colours can be found anywhere and fashion can be inspired by anything.

P.s For my international readers, there were two football Grand Finals held over the weekend and the mini hot dogs and fish burgers were prepared for our guests that came over to watch the games with us.


Miss Starshiny said...

why are you doing this to me?!
these dishes look so delicious!!!!!!!!
Miss Starshiny

Julia Janku said...

That worked my appetite !


Kate Junior said...

I'm so hungry now.

Zweiteiler said...

this post is so delicious!
I love the bags from the last post!


MaryŚś said...



Anonymous said...
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Babe Jane said...

wow the food looks so delicious :)

rooth said...

Nom - can I have a mini hot dog please?

perfect like paris said...

XX Sandrine

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

those studded purses from your previous post are FA-BU-LOUS

Antonia said...

This looks....wooow!!



balkis said...

Ah they look so delicious!

And yes, we can definitely follow each other!


wikigirl said...

YUM!! I was going to ask what restaurant that was from? Then I realised it's your cooking, so talented!

Thanks for joining the BFI group, can't wait to meet :)

Papilio said...

Yum! Cannot agree more - fashion and food - a fabulous combination.

Thanks for the comment! Glad to know another Brissy blogger too.


no big truth said...

Wow such beautiful photography!! And the food looks glorious!
P.S Thanks for following my blog, I'm more than happy to return the favour. Your blog is outstanding :)
Zoe xx

Sonya Harris said...

A+ food photography skills girly. Would love to see more. X

cryskay said...

i really shouldnt be looking at this at 1am. i am starving! xx

YAN.C said...

oh my god it looks amazingg.
come to sydney and cook me food! xxx