Sunday, September 4, 2011

Turban Tying.

I've always had a bit of scarf tying envy. I have never been sure if my biggest problem has been lack of luscious locks to wrap up or just not using the right scarf. Over the weekend I set my self the challenge, and sat down in front of my mirror until I was happy. What do you think of the final result ?

P.s I resorted to using hair extension.. so I guess I kind of cheated.

Jumper: Sportsgirl
Scarf: LV
Black Lipstick: TopShop
Rings: Pandora


Kaitlyn said...

Major win! Beyond adorable that is xx

fromblank said...

thanks for visiting girl! love your blog.
i'll be following...
you should follow mine too if you like it :)

Antonia said...

I'm loving these pics, so cool!!;)
And you're really pretty!



Pink Fox said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! :)
I loove these photos! The LV scarf is beyond gorgeous and so are you!
I'd love if we'd follow each other! ;)

Cristina L said...

this scarf is sooo cool :D

Visit and follow

Belle Armed said...

you're hot!!

Anonymous said...

this looks wonderful!
and love your black lipstick. perfect.

Kim W. said...

yayy!! go you rocking the black lips! HOT! :kim x

Anonymous said...

Well first of all I'm in love with your photo shoot! 2ndly, the head wrap suits you girl! Following you on bloglovin! xx

Urban art + street fashion addict:

karo said...

Wonderful pictures :)
Lovely blog :)
Have a nice day!

Carol said...

Amazing pictures! your hair looks great!


Janaël @lacherryontop said...

Suits you very well!!! Nice pictures, I love the last one ;)!!!
You look great :) !!!


Nef 'n Nat said...

love the black lipstick! following :)

Elle said...

You have the most beautiful hands!

Elle Xx

gamma said...

Even if using Hair Extensions seems cheating, well it looked great. :) No worries.

Anonymous said...

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