Wednesday, September 14, 2011

100 Lovers.

First of all I would just like to say...

It's taken longer then it should have, but since returning from Europe and quitting one of my ten million jobs, I have been able to focus on bringing you the best possible posts and spending the required time looking at all of your beautiful blogs as well.  I plan on making Social Emissions bigger and better as the months continue to roll by. I will continue to post my personal photography, personal style and one on one interviews with new localised fashion industry talent. To celebrate this small but relative achievement I will be having a give-away competition, so watch this space.

Whilst browsing through hundreds of blogs and imagery from the current on goings in New York at the moment I can across the following two photos that I found both uncanny and amusing.

Proof that the devil does laugh. Here Anna Wintour shares a chuckle with the girls from Pamela Love. Image courtesy of Refinery 29.

and just as we thought we were witnessing a fun loving and light heart Anna Wintour, she snaps straight back into her usual sultry snobbish demeanour . I think been seated next to Nicki Minaj may have had something to do with this. They are at the Oscar De La Renta show and Nicki clearly has much more important things on her mind. Seriously.... what could possibly be better then Oscar De La Renta.  Image courtesy of ellpa. 


rooth said...

Congrats on 100 followers! I'm proud to be one of them

Janaël (@lacherryontop said...

omg Nicky minaj, i like her music ( some of them at least) but her style i find it just TOO MUCH, kinda tacky... It is like she wants to be noticed more than she is looking to look good!

Nice to finally see a picture of Anna Wintour smiling :)!


Rita Dâmaso said...

i like this !
i am your follower, i like your blog !
xxxx ** follow me 2
kisses from portugal

Kate Junior said...

Nicki looks so sad haha. But love the photo of Anna & Pamela! My two favourites together!