Thursday, August 18, 2011

YEDP Wrap up 2011.

At the Copa, Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashionAt the Copa....they fell in love

On Tuesday the 16th of August I had the greatest pleasure of attending the felix & slink 2011 YEDP party. I have been anticipating this event all year and put it on my calendar as a "must attend" social event. This is the second year that felix & slink have hosted the event and as an attendee at last years launch, can I just say that the event went from mediocre to mind blowing and one giant leap. Initial impressions as I walked out onto the balcony of the Queensland State Library was that I had been teleported from Brisbane to New York. This gig was smart, sophisticated and stylish and I had to resist all temptations to break out into a Cha-Cha mid -conversation with people. 

This event was the perfect opportunity to  rub shoulders with some of Brisbane's best in the industry, and its not every day that opportunities like this arise. Congratulations felix & slink for paving the way for Brisbane. I challenge any agency, model management company or local fashion label to throw a soiree like this one, because Brisbane needs it .... badly!

Elyse Goyen (felix & slink) and Myself

Tom & Eliza O'Connor - felix & slink 

Prudence Evans and & Suzie Webster

Jordan Anderson, Alex Sultan (I envy Alex) & Jordan Iovenitti (The Bunk Boutique) 

Jess Bandiera ( & Summer Fisher

I Envy Alex Design


Amber said...

Gorgeous photos! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

nicole said...

Everyone is so incredibly well dressed, I love it!

I found the site for those shoes you were asking about:



NORA said...

AHH YOU WENT TO YEDP? I was going to go but had other plans that night, your post makes me wish I went instead! lovedddddd all the photos :)


NORA said...

oh rightttttt! I was just invited as a blogger haha. but yes definitely going to be top priority next time! haha


STEPHANIE F. said...

I haven't heard of it! But it looks amazing!!! Love all these images!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following, I am also following you back. :)


Sabrina said...

This looks like such an amazing event! Everyone looks so beautiful and glamorous!


Florencia said...

It looks amazing, like a great event.