Sunday, August 7, 2011

The month that is August.

I'm Home!!

Yes, it feels good to sleep in my own bed.
Yes, I missed my friends and family.
Yes, I was inspired whilst away and ready to hit the ground running.

No, I did want to come back to this thing we called reality. None the less... here we are and it is once again August. What's so good about August I hear you say ?  Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival !!!

Along with the festival itself to look forward to we also have the before and after parties, trend spotting and social snaps and hundreds and hundreds of outfits to scroll over. This year I have the pleasure of presenting to you the felix & slink YEDP (Young & Emerging Designers Party) through a montage of photographs brought to you directly from the extravaganza its self. This years YEDP theme is a day at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio and I am ready to get my Cha Cha on!

My apologies for the lack of updates while I was away. You have no idea how hard it was to find proper functioning Internet while I was away and never again will I make the mistake of going overseas with out a smart phone or ipad/laptop. I have approximately 6 magazines, 2 weeks of uni readings, 156 emails and countless blog entries to catch up on. Admittedly I have been home for nearly 7 days now, but that's how long it took me to feel normal again. Every morning I have woken up I have to remind myself that I am home and not in some far away location (the thought is actually very depressing). I have hundreds of clothes and shoes and accessories to share with you and I plan on doing a summary of my trip with my top tips and advice hopefully by the end of the week. I have big things planned for Social Emissions for the next coming months and as I mentioned before I am feeling refreshed, motivated and inspired about my blogging and future and already have interviews lining up for the next several weekends to come. Expect to see more fashion and more of my personal style as well as a collection of people and things that inspire me.

Once again, if you live in Brisbane and you want to show the world your personal style, I am again opening the door of opportunity to meet with me for a one on one interview and mini photo shoot. Please email me directly here...

Hoping I haven't lost you all in what has been the most amazing 6 weeks of my life.

C xx

Photos: felix & slink
Photography: Libby Willis


chloe said...

welcome back chloe! x

Francesca said...

hey babe! this sem i'm studying 3 marketing subjects and one advertising one. what are you studying again?? sorry if i've already asked! I really want to go to YEDP but i have uni 10am-9pm on a tuesday (SUCH bad timing) and then i'm going to some Ministry of Sound clubbing event later at night.. :( i just got my MBFF tickets in the mail though, are you going next weekend? xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Kaitlyn said...

Yay, another Brissie blogger! I'm off to YEDP next Tuesday too. I'd love to meet up with some fellow bloggers and get our networking on, we have to get a group going me thinks, haha ;) xx

Fabliha said...

I'm going to YEDP too! I'm guessing you're from Brisbane too?