Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MBFF Outfit Post.

Tuesday night I attended the Fashion Graduate and Emerging Designers Show at Brisbane's MBFF. It was a fantastic night, made even better by our front row seating. I look forward to sharing some photos of my favourite designs with you this week.

Top: SportsGirl
Pants: Zara
Vest: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Cuffs: H & M

Thank you Suzie for your photography skills !


Francesca said...

oh the piazza! love the photos. i dont know why i thought you had short hair? in some photos you do, and in some you don't.. unless you put clip in extensions? or maybe im going crazy.. xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

ALICE MARGO † said...

Youre gorgeous! Love your hair and style. So glad you commented on my blog and I found yours.. following!x

Kate Junior said...

Hey girl! Yay- love finding other Brisbane bloggers! You have some SERIOUS style! xx

Kim Barbie said...

Great pictures, I really love your Outfit!

Fabliha said...

looking great! love your bracelets

Mikaela said...

Beautiful photos - can't wait to see the rest!
I'm so happy I found your blog - definitely following.


Framboise Fashion

Francesca said...

yeah i thought so. it looks great though! and i know what you mean about getting friends to take photos. i actually asked someone to take one of me and another blogger with my canon 500d and omg there was like 1m of headroom. so fail!! xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Anonymous said...

REALLY love your top! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Antonia said...

Your vest is really FAB!
Love the rest of the outfit too! ^.^

Thanks for your comment.

Wanna follow each other?



Amanda said...

So sleek and fresh!

Camilla said...

oh my gosh wow, your so pretty! i love your shoes, they're so elegant

xo Camilla

Angel Garcia said...

How was the show? Fun I bet.. Looking fab by the way.. WERK it!

Cheers! ~Angel

Antonia said...

Thnaks, following back! You blog is really amazing! :)



wooden heartbeat said...

thanks for the comment! great photos, love your top and vest x

Jo said...

I love your outfit! <3 The fur detail on your top is divine, and I am obsessing over your heels!

Lost in the Haze

nicole said...

I love the matching cuffs! I suppose I need to get myself overseas and to the nearest H&M store, what a shame, haha.


The Desert Fox said...

oh gosh lovely photos! looks like so much fun


shardette.. said...

Double cuff love! Also love your belt in the next post!
Thank-you for stopping by my blog lovely!!
xx Shardette

[TeacupGrunge] said...

Amazing outfit!!! I wanted a vest so badly for winter but never quite found the right one, that Zara one is lovely.

Yes it is my clothes rack in the background :) the sun doesnt hit them too much so I havent noticed them fade at all. I love having my clothes out to look at, I couldnt have it any other way now!

Loving your blog definitely following!

lula said...

That's you in the photos? So pretty and i love your style! :)

theresa said...

very cool outfit and the photos are amazing! xx

Estelle said...

Love this fur, looks amazing on you!



Anonymous said...

Love the look and the detail of two brazalets :)

Fabliha said...

You look fabulous!

I love the fur and the shoes