Sunday, August 28, 2011

MBFF Graduate of the Year.

Snap shots of the MBFF Westfield Chermside Graduate of the Year show from last weeks events. I have to admit out of all the years I have been attending I was a little disappointed this year. Whilst some of the collection were excellent (the girl who won deserved to) there were others that were ordinary and a little bit boring. What once was unique and innovative is now becoming mainstream and almost typical of graduate/emerging designers. I was really hoping to see something different this year. Interestingly enough, two of the finalists were also from project runway. 

For more pictures from the evening (I took an obscene amount) please go check them out on my facebook page here

I held my breath as I watched the models walk down the run way in these shoes. Can anyone explain to me why they have used sticky tape around the middle of them ? My theory was was possibly for extra support ? Beats me as to why the designer picked them if that's the case. 

1. Shenaz Engineer
2. Rachel Perks
3. Emily Walters


HollyLou said...

looks amazing!

please enter my giveaway! X

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

That first dress is so wonderfully crazy!

Antonia said...

Wooow, this looks really fab! ;)
I have to check out this shows!



Kaitlyn said...

Well that last dress is quite nice. But those shoooes...Stripper shoes. Why the stripper shoes with cello tape?? My ankles quiver in fear just looking at them :S xx

Kate Junior said...

Wow, great shots!
I was speaking with a MBFF model the other day and she told me about them taping the shoes! And here you are with a photograph of it haha. Pretty sure it's just for extra support for those massive platforms!

Anonymous said...

1. The shoes were too big for the model, the designer can't help it if her feet are the wrong size for the shoes.

2. The shoes are effing brilliant, period.

Chloe said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for clarifying that for me, as my original question was "why have they been taped on", period.