Monday, August 22, 2011

Lulu lusting.

Can't remember your anniversary and want some special someone to casually remind you forever?

How about wearing your special digits in 14k gold.

Totally lusting on these bad boys by Lulu Frost

Also a great idea for milestone birthday's... shame I won't be having another one for a while. 


Angela said...

These are just perfect, loving all the fine detailed jewellery about at the moment.

Rich Girls. said...

ooh, i really like these.
i've been hooked on finding my initials on a ring, but now that i've seen these...
i think i just might have to get both! x.

Rich Girls. said...

nawh, thanks so much for your super sweet feedback, girl! it really made me smile. i love your blog aswell and will definately be following from now on too! oh gosh, don't even get me started on lara bingle... that girl has EVERYTHING and more. i'm completely envious of her and her wardrobe! that's a bummer about the ellery sale, but wow, you lucky duck... europe and now america. i'm sure you'll have the most amazing time! x.