Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh So Whimsical: The Verge Girls

Full time employee or student, we all like to escape our workloads for an hour or so to escape from the pressures that overwhelm us or piles of paper growing on our desk. 

Two and half years now I have been studying and regularly have I made my way down to Verge Boutique in order to lose myself and just relax. On countless occasions have I left this store with pretty purple bags in hand and something unique and special. 

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down and have tea and coffee with sisters, Daniella and Natalia Dionyssiou and talk about what was important to them about running and owning their own business.

This was no uncomfortable tea party, let me assure you. It was more like a friendly catch up rather than a interview, purely because this is the type of relationship I have built with them over the last couple of years, just from popping my head into their store on a regular basis. The customer service facet of their business is what they clearly value the most, and it has reflected their shop in such a positive light that they are now commonly referred to as "the verge girls"  because of their similar (and distinctive) look and shy but very polite mannerisms. 

Fashion runs in this family's blood and the girls have been working in the same shop now for 8 years. Both came from a fashion design background and chose to put their dreams on hold temporarily in order to establish themselves and build their business savvy confidence by taking over the shop and venturing on the path of shop ownership. Once just a mere, but successful shoe store, verge is now a thriving fashion hub located in the Elizabeth Arcade in Brisbane City. Stocking all things girly, stylish and vintage there is something here for everyone to enjoy in Verge all year round. My personal favourite at the moment is the unique collection of jewellery they consistently have. Currently stocking the popular crystal jewellery that everyone is lusting for at incredibly affordable prices and beautiful quality.

The girls describe their personal style as whimsical and gypsy like. Without a doubt, there is something very enchanting and mysterious about these two and you can see the reflections of their personal style throughout the store. Nothing pleases me more than young success, so I wish the two of them the very best in the future. I recommend you all take a break from your busy days next time you are in Brisbane city to also pop your head in and say hi...

EXCITING NEWS FOR VERGE... They have just launched their new website which you can all checkout here

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nicole said...

Oh the boots in the last picture, just, wow.
If only I lived in Brisbane!