Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A league of its own : The Bunker Boutique

If there is one thing I can't stand, it's going shopping and seeing the same thing, store after store. WHY do retailers do it to them selves?

Only a stone throwing distance away from where I work, I was intrigued to see  the initial construction of what I now am accustomed to as The Bunker Boutique. Kept well under wraps, I used to drive past daily and turn to see if the tattered newspaper sheets in the window had yet been ripped down to reveal what lay inside.

Behold, only months later did Jordan Iovenitti reveal the inner workings of what would be his now apparent dream come true.  This store stands apart from others in Brisbane, and this 19 year old has set the bar high.

You first walk in and it's like you have stepped into another time zone. I can only imagine that his exquisite interior design and store layout is what compels his regular customers to keep coming back for more.

Beside my attraction to the rustic furniture and worn antiques, its what lay amongst them that intrigue me the most. Jordan's stock is unique and in some cases only found in his store throughout Australia. A perfect balance of men's and women's clothing from both local Australian designers and New Zealand.

All collections complement each other and create a harmonious feeling when walking around the polished concrete floors. With prices varying from $140.00 to $300.00 + there is something here for everyone. Attracting a large range of ages from anywhere between 16 - 45 it just goes to show that a point of difference will engage your market and have consumers running in through your doors.

Coming from a design background himself, we can be sure to also see his own personal collection in store by the end of the year as well as I Envy Alex, whom I interviewed last week.

You can be sure you will find something unique when you step into The Bunker Boutique.

Thanks Jordan.


Angela said...

Wow what an absolutely gorgeous space..and from such a young'un! Stunning...Can't wait to check it out. I can already see a few things that I'd like to take home with me....

A x

Fabliha said...

This looks amazing. Where a bouts is it exactly?