Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We envy Alex: Alex Sultan

Melbourne based, Brisbane bred. I think it's safe to claim Alex Sultan as one of our own...

Young fashion enthusiast and creative director of her own swimwear/clothing label I Envy Alex has recently returned to Brisbane after her career saw this youngster pack up her bags and head down south. Alex left Brisbane to endeavour on a small adventure in retail management down in Melbourne, with hopes to also promote and expose her label. 

Alex has been objective and realistic in dealing with her label and has come to accept the struggles of starting from the bottom and working her way up as a young designer. She has put in the hard miles to source stockists and  design for a specific target market and so far, things seem to be paying off. With pending financial backing, Alex contemplates moving back home to continue the designing of her new collection which she hopes to release before the end of the year.

With bangin personal style her self, how could I not take the opportunity to get together with this young entrepreneur. Her style is modern, unique and fresh and it is obvious that she finds inspiration from fellow bloggers such as Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast

My mum always told to me surround your self with successful people and you will always strive to do your best, Alex's parents must have told her the same thing because she is fortunate enough to be the girlfriend of The Bunker Boutique owner Jordan Ivonenitti who obviously encourages her passion as it is very much his own.  Support is the key in any attempt to launch your own label.

Thank you Alex. Stay tuned  next week for my catch-up with Jordan ...

C xx

Alex Wears:
Top: Francz - Stocked at The Bunker Boutique
Pants: Sportsgirl
Sunnies: Garnsis
Bag: Spencer and Rutherford
Ring: Mania Mania

Photo Location: Kangaroo Point "The Cliffs"

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Anonymous said...

Alex Sultan, you are stunning!