Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Varsity High.

Outfit Post 2#

Whilst I'm not a regular shopper in speed to market chain stores, except for Sportsgirl (guilty pleasure) I do love it when you walk in to one and spot something that you just know your going to get your $40.00 worth of wear out of. I especially enjoy it when I know its just a trend piece that will most likely only be around for one season and most likely not worth breaking the bank over. I picked up this contrasting sleeve denim jacket from Ally Fashion just last week and it was love at first sight, not because contrast sleeves are a key piece in this fall/winter collections, but because I have big plans for this baby, BIG PLANS! 

This jacket is light, but still provides practical warmth as the temperature slowly drops, teamed with these sparkly shorts (which I lurrrrve) this look is fresh and captivating. Appropriate for casual day wear with a pair of summery flats or smart casual with a pair of banging warm brown wedges. 

Watch this space to see what I do with my Varsity High style hoodie, and expect to see these shorts a lot more often because they generally drum up good conversation points when I'm out and they are totally comfortable for busting a few moves in on the d-floor. 

T-shirt: Staple
Jacket: Alley Fashion
Necklace: Suitcase Rummage Brisbane
Shorts: Cameo
Bangle: SHAG

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