Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air: Eliza O'Connor.

Who is this young fresh faced girl glimmering in the late afternoon sunlight ?

It's young Eliza O'Connor, a mere teenager still yet to leave the comfort of her sheltered high school days, yet still making ripples in the social pool (or at least  puddle) of Brisbane. It was nice to sit down with someone younger and dwell on her thoughts and ideas of what was going on around her, of course I had to actually filter my ears through some of the Justine Bieber trash she was talking (this girl is a serious Belieber) before finding a topic we could both agree on, but eventually we got there.

I like the fact that she hasn't set her mind on anything too serious. She seems to be keeping her doors open as well as her heart, in saying that though, her heart does know one thing for sure and that is she wants to make a difference one day, she wants to be a "some body" , she wants to be "famous".

I think I felt the same way during that stage of my life. I think its good to keep doors open when your young and allow for opportunities. It's better just to know what you don't want in life, but have a vague idea of where you would like to be eventually. It's so much more exciting when you don't know how your going to get there, much like a massive party on the other side of town when you are under age and still don't have a license..or a car (appropriate metaphor I feel, given that Eliza can probably relate to this).

There is no doubt that Eliza has some large shoes to fill, with brothers Sam and Tom O'Connor pioneering the way with their own Business (felix & slink) and drumming up quite a reputation them selves, but I have no doubt that this young beauty will forge footprints of her own, throughout this city at least.

Finally, let us all sit back and admire this girls banging style. She has a good thing going on for her and she most certainly knows how to rock it. I'm impressed that she is savvy enough to have sourced some of these pieces from youth much like her self at the Sydney Young Designer Markets. Eliza is totally on trend with her thigh high boots, leather look jacket and mochilla inspired Thailand clutch and words can not even express how much I wanted to rip that neck piece of her and run away with it laughing evilly.

Thank you Eliza for reminding us all that it's fun to be young.

C xx

Glasses: Camilla
Jacket: Sydney Young Designer Markets 
Neck treasure: Lili and Pea - Paddington Markets Sydney
Shirt: Ally
Skirt: Supre
Boots: Sportsgirl
Bag: Thailand

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