Sunday, May 15, 2011

BNE Designer Sample Sale .... WINNING!

In the past  6 months I have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time TWICE! What is this amazing phenomenon I have experienced you wonder ? DESIGNER SAMPLE SALE.

On the weekend I was cruising along my now regular hang out following another interview (stay tuned) James St, Fortitude Valley and I just so happened to see the free standing sign out the front of the "cottage" clearly outlining that this seasons Gail Sorronda, Gary Bigeni, Romance Was Born and FRIEDRICH GRAY were all hanging on stainless steel portable racks just behind those gleaming doors. Clearly I stopped... and clearly I went in ... and cleeeearly I was tricked by the witty sales assistants to purchase a pair of Gary's buttery leather high waisted tanned shorts and a pair of basic black slacks (which they told me would be perfect for work during the week). Whilst I should be avoiding shops all together with my pending overseas trip only 7 weeks away now (Hooray!), I could not pass up this opportunity again (Last time I spent way over my budget and had to work an extra couple of hours a week to make up for it, but trust me it was all well worth it), honestly, how often are a pair of $800 shorts reduced down to $200 ? Would you say no?

The people there kindly let me take some photos of what they had to offer, unfortunately it was only for 1 weekend and I didn't have time to let you all know before hand, but don't worry, my eyes and ears are opened!

Did I mention that Luke Sales (Creative Director: Romance was Born) himself was also there ?

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