Sunday, May 15, 2011

Between Winter Winds.


So this was meant to be for Friday, but blogger has been suffering some massive technical difficulties all of last week so it was postponed until today. I had a great week and have some good material coming your way this week including heaps of photo's!

Cooler than a cardigan, get your hands on a cape! As our fantasies and dream states become ever more real, we challenge these unknowns through graphics and print (WGSN 2011). Digital prints have been around for more than one season now, but are here to stay. With the introduction of galaxy and starry night prints, seek for something dark and mystical that will leave you looking much like a superhero from another planet.

SO!  In summary ....

Key Trends pieces this season:

·         Embellishments, trims and details
·         Sheer fabrics
·         Mini Pleats
·         Cat eye frames
·         Over the knee socks
·         Neon Pink and Camel
·         Capes and Vests
·         Galaxy and digitised Navajo prints
·         Detachable collars

Tights: Sass and Bide Rats

Cape: Staple
Top: Unknown
Necklace: Adorne Jewellery 

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