Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Appropriate Tattoo.

Whilst I don't personally bare any tattoos myself and most likely never will, due to my continuously changing mind and personal style. I still very much appreciate the time and skill that goes into them. My mother always said to me "don't ever get one, they look horrible when you are old". After looking around though I found some rather distinguishable gentlemen who seemed to have aged with grace and style whilst still bearing either one or numerous tattoos. I have to admit, I go weak at the knees for men with tatts, and just look how fashionable they can be!

Much like the clothes we wear on our backs that epitomise who we are and define our personal style, tattoos (the good quality ones) are a life long investment that do exactly the same.

Please note that the southern cross and similar "patriotic" tramp stamps don't count ...

Nick Wooster (the older man below who's image screams "I'm cool and tough") is the man!

Images sourced from, The Satorialist, Stockholm Street Style and  other various tumblr's

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