Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jewels for Eyes.

While the leaves in my yard were still wet with fresh rain, I wanted to show you some of my treasures. These are just a couple of the day to day pieces I wear, I will take the opportunity to do this again with a couple of other I missed today some other time because it started to bucket down half way through.

I'm proud of my jewellery draw and I even take the time to take all items out and polish over them from time to time. Anything that's not silver I coat in clear nail polish to prevent it from oxidising and any semi precious, precious pieces I keep in their original boxes.

I was inspired to do this today because the first two pictures are two of my newest purchases and were such a bargain! I'm going to Europe and Dubai in 10 weeks exactly and I am so excited about some of the smaller pieces I plan to seek out and bring home with me to add to my ever growing collection. 

Lovisa - Very YSL Arty Ring non?

Asos - Fluro beads

Peter Lang for Cue


SHAG bangle and ring

My personal collection

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