Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Wrap!

So I have been flat out with uni, but I have big things coming up including some DIY projects and another trend post, but most excitingly I will be conducting an  interview at Alannah Hill as part of an assignment I am working on (one of many!).

I just wanted to share with you something a friend shared with me.

Nail Wraps ..

I was sceptical at first, as I kind of just though they were a gimmick that only looked good on the packaging. Recently though, this phenomenon is taking off and I knew this cheaper and more accessible version was based on the $50 service Minx Nails provide. My friend purchased the GlamNail version sold at target for $9.99 and they looked great, and last approximately 2 weeks with a slight bit of wearing on the tips towards the end ( also avoid swimming if you want them to last longer). I also purchased the GlamNail version from target in the sparkly silver and tested them out just the other night. It was simply a matter of peeling and sticking then tearing excess away, it doesn't even matter if you stuff it up, because you can just pull it back off and re-stick. Once you have peeled away from the sticker they then become subjected to air and whilst they are already dry, over the next couple of hours they harden sot hat they won't move or peel back off.

So what do you think ?

I am officially hooked, it is an instant manicure, minus the fuss of waiting for nail polish to dry or the stress of smudging them!

I have now gone and bought 4 new colours (and patterns) which I found on ASOS on sale!!!!

How much better can it get.

Available here

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