Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Hoe Down.

Did you ever consider that fashion trends stream from movies as well as the run way ?

Recently the Cohen Brothers block buster hit movie True Grit hit the screens. The movie it's self I found quite enjoyable but I could help but think the whole time I was watching it ... This all looks oddly familiar !

This  is 14 year old Mattie, who is on the search for her fathers killer.
This is Lawman, he is a Texas Marshall who accompanies Mattie on her quest.

 Now lookie here!

Presenting Hermes 2011 S/S collection courtesy of

Behold ... I give you the trickle down effect  yet again! Not only can we see evidence in the style of clothing, but also in the use of colours such as mustard, rust, dark green, black and varying shades of brown. Textural fabrics like lust worth sheers, delicate leathers and sued. Ensembles finished off with a True Grit Mattie style hat and a waisted belt, boy-friend style.

Without a doubt this trend would continue to integrate down in to retail stores such as ASOS where we can see moderated versions and more practical day wear options that still channel the  1969 Western True Grit theme.

All stock available here - They are having a sale by the way ... up to 50% off!

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