Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brain Juice.

Inspiration 1#

For years now, I have kept a folder on every computer I have owned labelled "Inspiration". Collectively I have compiled several hundred images I have found whilst browsing the net which I have then divided these into the following sub folders...

- Editorials
- Fashion Photography
- Illustrations
- DIY Ideas
- Interiors (Currently consists of the most images and I desperately need to sort through and organise)
- LookBooks
- Key Looks and Trends
- Photography Ideas
- Shop Interiors

These folders are my creative stimulants and my references to my day to day thought process. They are more efficient then a mood board (or several) and more environmentally friendly then printing every idea I come across). I have backed them up on to hard drives and I would be distraught if I ever lost them. 

Recently I came across my dream tool! It's called Evernote and literally the website quotes...

 "Save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see.' 

So now instead of sitting there ctrl clicking and saving I just "clip" whole pages which directly links to my Evernote to which they are stored and I can refer back to them and where they came from (very handy for blogging). 

Below is a small sample of work by Daej Fallas. Her work is beautiful and these images where immediately "save worthy" in my opinion.

Enjoy xx

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