Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brain Juice.

Inspiration 1#

For years now, I have kept a folder on every computer I have owned labelled "Inspiration". Collectively I have compiled several hundred images I have found whilst browsing the net which I have then divided these into the following sub folders...

- Editorials
- Fashion Photography
- Illustrations
- DIY Ideas
- Interiors (Currently consists of the most images and I desperately need to sort through and organise)
- LookBooks
- Key Looks and Trends
- Photography Ideas
- Shop Interiors

These folders are my creative stimulants and my references to my day to day thought process. They are more efficient then a mood board (or several) and more environmentally friendly then printing every idea I come across). I have backed them up on to hard drives and I would be distraught if I ever lost them. 

Recently I came across my dream tool! It's called Evernote and literally the website quotes...

 "Save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see.' 

So now instead of sitting there ctrl clicking and saving I just "clip" whole pages which directly links to my Evernote to which they are stored and I can refer back to them and where they came from (very handy for blogging). 

Below is a small sample of work by Daej Fallas. Her work is beautiful and these images where immediately "save worthy" in my opinion.

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nautical Colour Block.

Outfit Post 1# 

I enjoy planning ahead for the weekends, it makes getting ready a lot easier, especially if I have to run out the door. I have jobs to do this weekend so this out makes a perfect combination of comfort and on trend pieces. 

Putting together a mood board of inspirational colours and current collections is fun as well as worth while. Makes orchestrating an outfit simple!  Colour blocking a favourite of mine at the moment, mostly because I find myself wearing clothes I haven't for a long time. I found this fantastic Neon pink vest on Ebay, you can actually smell the rawness of the silk in it. I like to think it was picked up some where in India or something during someone's travels. 

Top: Portmans
Vest: Vintage (ebay find)
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Gripp
Clutch: Stella McCartney for Target
Watch: Fossil

Jewels for Eyes.

While the leaves in my yard were still wet with fresh rain, I wanted to show you some of my treasures. These are just a couple of the day to day pieces I wear, I will take the opportunity to do this again with a couple of other I missed today some other time because it started to bucket down half way through.

I'm proud of my jewellery draw and I even take the time to take all items out and polish over them from time to time. Anything that's not silver I coat in clear nail polish to prevent it from oxidising and any semi precious, precious pieces I keep in their original boxes.

I was inspired to do this today because the first two pictures are two of my newest purchases and were such a bargain! I'm going to Europe and Dubai in 10 weeks exactly and I am so excited about some of the smaller pieces I plan to seek out and bring home with me to add to my ever growing collection. 

Lovisa - Very YSL Arty Ring non?

Asos - Fluro beads

Peter Lang for Cue


SHAG bangle and ring

My personal collection

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holiday Hairspiration

Given it's Easter, I felt it appropriate to start of with the obvious...

How unreal are these though ? Most certainly an alternative to a hat or mask for a Races Day or Ball.

Hope you all have a  Happy and Safe Easter xx

Source: Unknown

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Wrap!

So I have been flat out with uni, but I have big things coming up including some DIY projects and another trend post, but most excitingly I will be conducting an  interview at Alannah Hill as part of an assignment I am working on (one of many!).

I just wanted to share with you something a friend shared with me.

Nail Wraps ..

I was sceptical at first, as I kind of just though they were a gimmick that only looked good on the packaging. Recently though, this phenomenon is taking off and I knew this cheaper and more accessible version was based on the $50 service Minx Nails provide. My friend purchased the GlamNail version sold at target for $9.99 and they looked great, and last approximately 2 weeks with a slight bit of wearing on the tips towards the end ( also avoid swimming if you want them to last longer). I also purchased the GlamNail version from target in the sparkly silver and tested them out just the other night. It was simply a matter of peeling and sticking then tearing excess away, it doesn't even matter if you stuff it up, because you can just pull it back off and re-stick. Once you have peeled away from the sticker they then become subjected to air and whilst they are already dry, over the next couple of hours they harden sot hat they won't move or peel back off.

So what do you think ?

I am officially hooked, it is an instant manicure, minus the fuss of waiting for nail polish to dry or the stress of smudging them!

I have now gone and bought 4 new colours (and patterns) which I found on ASOS on sale!!!!

How much better can it get.

Available here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Hoe Down.

Did you ever consider that fashion trends stream from movies as well as the run way ?

Recently the Cohen Brothers block buster hit movie True Grit hit the screens. The movie it's self I found quite enjoyable but I could help but think the whole time I was watching it ... This all looks oddly familiar !

This  is 14 year old Mattie, who is on the search for her fathers killer.
This is Lawman, he is a Texas Marshall who accompanies Mattie on her quest.

 Now lookie here!

Presenting Hermes 2011 S/S collection courtesy of

Behold ... I give you the trickle down effect  yet again! Not only can we see evidence in the style of clothing, but also in the use of colours such as mustard, rust, dark green, black and varying shades of brown. Textural fabrics like lust worth sheers, delicate leathers and sued. Ensembles finished off with a True Grit Mattie style hat and a waisted belt, boy-friend style.

Without a doubt this trend would continue to integrate down in to retail stores such as ASOS where we can see moderated versions and more practical day wear options that still channel the  1969 Western True Grit theme.

All stock available here - They are having a sale by the way ... up to 50% off!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

GOMA: 21st Century Art

I have been long over due for a cultrual interaction, so what better excuse to go have a look at whats on at the GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). This summer to mark the end of the first decade of this millennium the gallery presents '21st Century: Art in the First Decade'. Alluring and ingenious I found my self captivated and reading little blurbs all over the place to get a better understanding of what this exhibition was trying to portray. Showcasing over 200 pieces of work by 140 artists from 40 different countries, I was there for over 2 hours.  I highly recommend this exhibition, as it's appropriate for all ages ... except for un-interested boyfriends.
21st Century’ is a multi-platform project also incorporating a blog, highly innovative public programs,  interactive artists’ projects for children and families, three film programs and two important publications.  Over the past decade, technological, political and environmental issues have had direct global effects reflected in contemporary art. This exhibition examines current directions in art practice and also the conditions for art and exhibition making in the 21st century. - Check out the blog here
I tried to capture some of the most interesting pieces as best as I could without the use of flash.