Monday, March 21, 2011

Waste not Want not.

A fantastic article that my lecturer shared with us recently.

"Zero-waste rather than size zero is becoming the focus of fashion designers worldwide."
(See the rest of the article here)

I'd love to see more designers trying this concept, I can only honestly see good coming from it all. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE DESIGNS ?

I'm honestly picturing gathering and layering and uneven lengths in beautiful light flowy fabrics. It's amazing that ...
"Current conventional garment production methods see 15 per cent of fabric wasted"
Maybe they should consider donating scraps ? Surely there is some young designer out there who could use  left over designer fabric scraps to create something amazing for everyone to see ? OR ... could you imagine entire  Ready-to-wear Alexander McQueen or Chanel  line completely constructed out of of scrap fabric ?

I'm picturing something like this ?


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