Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gender Bender.

I currently work in Client Services, and predominately visit commercial and industrial sites and only occasionally get to step foot in a beautifully constructed office spaces. Most of the time, the places I visit are dirty, smelly and lack any sort of hygiene. They are also swarming with men, and I’m not talking about handsome alluring men in suits. I am talking about the ones who don only the finest of high visibility attire.  Since reading the latest Vouge Australia, in particular there article on “Women behaving Manly” I found myself questioning what I wear on a daily basis. How can I still look fashionable and trendy while still been dressed respectably and appropriately for my job?

Here are some items that I am coveting at the moment for my wardrobe...

Tony Bianco - Vittorio  
Closed shoes appropriate for work sites and warehouses while still been totally on-trend with this winter seasons must haves.
The Penny Loafer - Sports Girl
A bit cooler for us Brisbane kids, considering its going to be a balmy 30 Degrees for a while longer here. (Can you tell I don't really like the heat?)

American Apparel - Unisex Poly-Viscose Welt Pocket Pant
How can you get any more appropriate then unisex pants?
Rambo Military Shirt - Sports Girl
Cool, Casual and on-trend!

Self Strip Shirt - Country Road
Everyone needs a basic like this to build on. This shirt will be perfect to wear with jeans or pants, with or without scarves and jackets and any day to day jewelry.

Cheap Monday Jeans - General Pants
THE BEST JEANS. In my personal experience I have found that these guys have the best fitting jeans for the best price. Available online and in stores. Dress them up or down with t-shirts, shirts, blouses and jackets. They look good tucked into boots or worn with flats (the penny loafers!)

Long Lined Jacket - Country Road
Jackets are tricky! It depends on your body shape, what sort of cut you should choose. I prefer either a waist length or long lined jacket like this one. I prefer a collar, but if you want to stream that "Man Trend" try a collarless Jacket.

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