Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gen Y Creatives.

Gen Y (The children of the baby boomers) have the skills to change everything. We have better photographers, better designers, more creative minds, more skills, more resources and better technology. It's no wonder it's so competitive out there. With so many opportunities and so much accessible with basically just a click of a mouse we are seeing the younger generation dominate the creative industry. With the use of facebook and other social media tools, a young entrepreneur doesn't even need serious capital any more to get started, its just a matter of uploading pictures and showing the world what you have to offer. It's basically like and online CV/Resume that screams to the people you network with HEY THIS IS WHAT I CAN DO!! I find myself using facebook less less for my friends stalking people  but more for finding new young talent yet to be discovered or recognised. My friends are doing it, the whole world is doing it and I know that there is multitudes of success coming from it.

An example of some the Shazam-bam-wham shit that is out there right now, that I am ever so fortunate in been able to say that I am affiliated with these young kids and can I just say ... they are only getting started.

I present to you Lunatic Designs  by Clare Eastgate
Photographed by Malt Verdelet Images 

All Designs are made to order, Clare can be contacted here or check out her facebook page here

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