Monday, March 21, 2011

Embraced and long-loved.

Last week I talked about Fast Fashion and how I'm all for it etc etc. I would just like to take this moment to re-phrase what I meant. I love fast fashion ... because I can afford it, I do how ever ADORE high end designs/designers and the beautiful pieces of art they create season after season. I keeps me on the edge of my seat just waiting for more, while at the same time the feeling it leaves me, continues to eat away my stomach lining and I feel horrible and miserable in knowing that I have Buckley's chance of ever wearing some of the extravagant pieces that we see every year at the New York, London, Paris, Milan Fashion week shows. How ever this may be so, it will never put a cork on the uncontrollable feelings I have towards fashion.

I read this article the other day about "Slow Fashion". I think it summarises exactly what I mean perfectly.

Both the designers — the rising star Mr. Ackermann and Christophe Lemaire, the new arrival at Hermès — are dealing in “slow fashion,” with a belief that fine clothes should be made with exquisite materials and are meant to be embraced and long-loved. “It’s the malady of our industry. Always to go quicker and quicker and that everything should be instant. You can’t produce quality without time,” said Mr. Lemaire"  (See whole article here)

Hermes, by Christophe Lemaire, for autumn/winter 2011, in Paris

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