Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nature Crush.

S/S 2011: Brisbane Trends

Cumming, C. 2011 - Social Emissions
Cumming, C. 2011 - Social Emissions
Cumming, C. 2011 - Social Emissions
Check out where Suzie gets her inspiration:

Hitting the streets in Brisbane and Sydney last week  I saw strong re occurrences in the S/S 2011 Trends. 
What did I wear while out on the prowl ? A hot pink vintage number with a classic peter pan colour, thin black waisted belt and a stark black canvas trench with quilted collar. Collars are big this season, as is mixing bright colours like this fuchsia dress with plain, or textured blacks. A popular combination is a classic black on black outfit with a bright zesty colour over sized envelope clutch, an easy DIY outfit for all those fashion conscious but still on a budget.

Crop Tops! How cute is this little floral number that this Sydney-Side is wear with a un-even hemmed skirt in caramel (Hint: Try mixing Hot pink and Caramel! Looks fantastic and a classic look that would still cut the mustard for work attire) She has topped it off with a classic brown vintage bag embellished with large armoured discs which is a nice jeux  de position to this hippy-chic look. Crop tops have been popular this S/S 2011 with the likes of Rag & Bone. This belly-bearing look is hot and is here to stay after carrying on from S/S 2010.

I love Suzie’s look! (check out her blog here!) because of its versatility. This cute little number consisting of a loose fit high waisted short, sheer textured blouse and fitted cropped blazer with shoulder details could be taken from day to night. Switch the low key, casual converse high tops for a pair of wedged booties and your ready for drinks and dinner. This focus is on glamorous day wear and for all those women who don’t get to walk a red carpet every day she give it a go. We have seen the short and blazer trend on the catwalk for Balmain this season. Another option? Not comfortable with the high waisted shorts? Don’t Suzie’s pins to pull it off ? Why not try the leather shorts and fitted blazer with a loose white top teamed with a pair of patient stiletto’s and maybe so heavy metal jewellery for that “Rocker Chick” Look.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Trickle Down: Brisbane Trends

Cumming, C. 2011 - James Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Cumming, C. 2011 - James Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Cumming, C. 2011 - James Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

According to Fashion Marketing (2007) The term fashion trend  refers to aspects of the appearance and construction of fashion products that relate to a particular season. Fashion Marketing (2007) also states that, fashion trends provide insight into the style and colour direction that future fashion products will take in their final form.

Whilst hanging out in local hot-spots we can see how seasonal runway collections have trickled down into local department stores and in some cases been effectively been turned into projects that can be done at home. (Polhemus, 1994). Whilst wondering the streets of Fortitude Valley, Brisbane  I met Clare who has perfectly captured the S/S 2011 Trend “Rocker Chick” Through her use of textured blacks that fall between solid and sheer mixes, multi-layered, punked-up python textured leather skirt, light jersey fabrics and her cropped midriff top which she heavily accessorised with inch long metal studs, finished with a pair of sheer tights and military style Doc Martins. Clare’s luxe grunge look has been sourced from the Balmain and Burberry Prorsums Spring 2011 Collection as seen this year at fashion week, Globally.

Next I met Georgia, a sweet girl with edgy style and the attitude to go with it. Georgia’s blushing pink, dove grey and black colour blocked modern day t-shirt dress has been made three dimensional through the use of thin delicate layers of silk. This loose silhouette dress resembles that of which we saw in the S/S 2010 Narciso Rodriguez collection. According to Nicole Phelps (2009) Rodriguez loosened up silhouettes dramatically and used materials such as silk, linen and organza to create three dimensional shift dresses that were equal parts arty and easy. This trend embodies the modern and minimal which according to Sue Evans (2010) are simply designed pieces with clean cut silhouettes enhanced with minimal detailing, softened shoulder lines and a stylish classic. Georgia has embraced the minimalism trend as her own coupling the dress with a pair of old vintage lace up ankle boots and simplistic silver beaded chains.

When I met Katia she was shy, but her outfit said otherwise. Her creative inventiveness was a draw card and her interpretation of the “Chic Nomad” look was eye catching. Katia’s threads consisted of a structural digital printed dress in A/W 2010 key trend colours civille, rust and black, draped in a powder coloured muslin wrap layered with a heavy duty metal belt. Katia’s look according to Sarah Clarke is inspired by an elegant and ladylike urban warrior look which spirals down from A/W 2010 collections such as Sass and Bide, Kenzo and Rodarte. Heidi Middleton from Sass and bide also described their collection as one about different cultures, different textures, and mediums all coming together. The Chic Nomad trend has taken on a layered feel of different textures and colour’s and Katia channeled it flawlessly with delicate little finishing touches, such as the  Xena warrior princess style metal belt and Caribbean infused fringe bag.  

I think that we will continue to see these trends on the street as they are simplistic and easy to re-invent and reproduce, which would be appropriate given the financial economic times following the Global Financial Crisis and as people recover from the recession or a jobless recovery, A key theme for 2011 according to Leona Melius (2011)


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Highday.

Such a perfect day today. I escaped on my lunch break to take these photos outside my office.

Expect to see a trend post on Monday !

Have a wonderful weekend ...

Gen Y Creatives.

Gen Y (The children of the baby boomers) have the skills to change everything. We have better photographers, better designers, more creative minds, more skills, more resources and better technology. It's no wonder it's so competitive out there. With so many opportunities and so much accessible with basically just a click of a mouse we are seeing the younger generation dominate the creative industry. With the use of facebook and other social media tools, a young entrepreneur doesn't even need serious capital any more to get started, its just a matter of uploading pictures and showing the world what you have to offer. It's basically like and online CV/Resume that screams to the people you network with HEY THIS IS WHAT I CAN DO!! I find myself using facebook less less for my friends stalking people  but more for finding new young talent yet to be discovered or recognised. My friends are doing it, the whole world is doing it and I know that there is multitudes of success coming from it.

An example of some the Shazam-bam-wham shit that is out there right now, that I am ever so fortunate in been able to say that I am affiliated with these young kids and can I just say ... they are only getting started.

I present to you Lunatic Designs  by Clare Eastgate
Photographed by Malt Verdelet Images 

All Designs are made to order, Clare can be contacted here or check out her facebook page here

Monday, March 21, 2011

Waste not Want not.

A fantastic article that my lecturer shared with us recently.

"Zero-waste rather than size zero is becoming the focus of fashion designers worldwide."
(See the rest of the article here)

I'd love to see more designers trying this concept, I can only honestly see good coming from it all. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE DESIGNS ?

I'm honestly picturing gathering and layering and uneven lengths in beautiful light flowy fabrics. It's amazing that ...
"Current conventional garment production methods see 15 per cent of fabric wasted"
Maybe they should consider donating scraps ? Surely there is some young designer out there who could use  left over designer fabric scraps to create something amazing for everyone to see ? OR ... could you imagine entire  Ready-to-wear Alexander McQueen or Chanel  line completely constructed out of of scrap fabric ?

I'm picturing something like this ?


Embraced and long-loved.

Last week I talked about Fast Fashion and how I'm all for it etc etc. I would just like to take this moment to re-phrase what I meant. I love fast fashion ... because I can afford it, I do how ever ADORE high end designs/designers and the beautiful pieces of art they create season after season. I keeps me on the edge of my seat just waiting for more, while at the same time the feeling it leaves me, continues to eat away my stomach lining and I feel horrible and miserable in knowing that I have Buckley's chance of ever wearing some of the extravagant pieces that we see every year at the New York, London, Paris, Milan Fashion week shows. How ever this may be so, it will never put a cork on the uncontrollable feelings I have towards fashion.

I read this article the other day about "Slow Fashion". I think it summarises exactly what I mean perfectly.

Both the designers — the rising star Mr. Ackermann and Christophe Lemaire, the new arrival at Hermès — are dealing in “slow fashion,” with a belief that fine clothes should be made with exquisite materials and are meant to be embraced and long-loved. “It’s the malady of our industry. Always to go quicker and quicker and that everything should be instant. You can’t produce quality without time,” said Mr. Lemaire"  (See whole article here)

Hermes, by Christophe Lemaire, for autumn/winter 2011, in Paris

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Monday.

Photos from my Sydney trip (Paddington Markets)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Copy Cat.

I love a bargain just as much as the next girl. I actually consider myself quiet the hunter and really do enjoy the thrill of seeking out trend pieces in chain stores and on eBay, even at suitcase rummages and wardrobe clearances, you know what they say "some ones trash is another persons treasures". Most of us are part of the majority that are affected by the trickle down effect of fashion. What the buyers see on the runway and in stores overseas are brought back here to Australia, reproduced and replicated and  sold in stores such as Sports Girl, Just Jeans, Target, Payless Shoes, Witchery, Portmans, Dotti, just to name a few. We all covert and want the latest trends (How ever Australia usually is behind because of the seasons) and most of us appreciate fast Fashion because it's affordable. People are constantly criticising and condemning fast fashion chain stores on  the basis that true fashion takes time and quality, but realistically the people that can afford high end labels are the minority. Why shouldn't everyone be allowed the same opportunity as those who can afford high end labels ? The blogging world worship people like Rumi Neely and Chiara Feragni who constantly mix high end labels with chains store copies to create lust worth styled looks.

During my hunt for on trend items at affordable prices I came across the following ...

1. Asos Banana Crop Vest (here) V.s Prada Spring/Summer 2011 (here)
2. Asos Smudge Flower Print Prom Dress (here) V.S Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 (here)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gender Bender.

I currently work in Client Services, and predominately visit commercial and industrial sites and only occasionally get to step foot in a beautifully constructed office spaces. Most of the time, the places I visit are dirty, smelly and lack any sort of hygiene. They are also swarming with men, and I’m not talking about handsome alluring men in suits. I am talking about the ones who don only the finest of high visibility attire.  Since reading the latest Vouge Australia, in particular there article on “Women behaving Manly” I found myself questioning what I wear on a daily basis. How can I still look fashionable and trendy while still been dressed respectably and appropriately for my job?

Here are some items that I am coveting at the moment for my wardrobe...

Tony Bianco - Vittorio  
Closed shoes appropriate for work sites and warehouses while still been totally on-trend with this winter seasons must haves.
The Penny Loafer - Sports Girl
A bit cooler for us Brisbane kids, considering its going to be a balmy 30 Degrees for a while longer here. (Can you tell I don't really like the heat?)

American Apparel - Unisex Poly-Viscose Welt Pocket Pant
How can you get any more appropriate then unisex pants?
Rambo Military Shirt - Sports Girl
Cool, Casual and on-trend!

Self Strip Shirt - Country Road
Everyone needs a basic like this to build on. This shirt will be perfect to wear with jeans or pants, with or without scarves and jackets and any day to day jewelry.

Cheap Monday Jeans - General Pants
THE BEST JEANS. In my personal experience I have found that these guys have the best fitting jeans for the best price. Available online and in stores. Dress them up or down with t-shirts, shirts, blouses and jackets. They look good tucked into boots or worn with flats (the penny loafers!)

Long Lined Jacket - Country Road
Jackets are tricky! It depends on your body shape, what sort of cut you should choose. I prefer either a waist length or long lined jacket like this one. I prefer a collar, but if you want to stream that "Man Trend" try a collarless Jacket.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goodbye Mr. Galliano.

He might be one of the greatest designers in history, but he deserved this.

"HE emerged from South London to conquer the City of Lights with a blend of creative genius and provocative stunts. " (See article HERE)



Melbourne Love.

I recently visited Melbourne for the weekend and might I just say that it was a well needed weekend away indeed. I had full intentions of making is a shopping excursion, but turned out there is a lot more to Melbourne then just Chapel St. Instead of making my boyfriend endure shop after shop, I decided it was about time that I ventured a little further and discovered new territory, and boy ... was I impressed. I have always appreciated Melbourne for everything it is worth, but in my most recent trip I fully came to terms with why so many people love it. Small hidden lane ways, masses of vintage shops, cool bars housed in shipping containers in china town! That’s right ... a shipping container! (check it out here

If you are reading this and you are also from Brisbane, you would understand my disappointment in the fact I actually came home empty handed, due to the fact that 98% of the shops I went into were stocking all of this seasons winter collections. Yes, it was all amazing and I could have spent some big $$$, BUT I resisted all urges and carefully reminded myself that Brisbane is still 35 Degrees and that this year I will be leaving the country for the entirety of our winter weeks (That’s about 5 weeks total people).  
Thankfully I still came home with a  collection of new Bonds underwear from the outlet on Chapel St, a pair of disco pants from American Apparel and a shiny new Pandora ring to add to my stack.
Check out my photos above that I took around the place.
Ciao xx